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A door security bar is the oldest, and still the best Protection for a door, Period!

A door security bar is the oldest, and still the best Protection for a door, Period!

A door security bar is the oldest, and still the best Protection for a door, Period!A door security bar is the oldest, and still the best Protection for a door, Period!A door security bar is the oldest, and still the best Protection for a door, Period!

A Home Invasion happens in a terrifying moment,.....  An extra three seconds each day  will keep your door "impenetrable"


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It is an illusion that your current doors are safe when you lock them! 

The best door security bar, the most secure door hardware,......... is a.... LineBacker  Articulated Door Restraint

The FBI says, a home invasion occurs every twelve seconds

He knocks, you open.....Oh no

She opened the door and was in immediate danger

It's not smart to open a door when you don't know who's there!

Or maybe he decides to kick his way in!

Any thug can kick in a door in seconds!

Do you know how weak your entry doors are? And why?

Do you know why your door will fail?

This shows why your door is weakened when the normal hardware is installed. There is little left to protect you.

Just look at how much wood was drilled out to install the hardware. That's only 3/8 of an inch of wood left to protect against breaking.

The door jamb only has only 3/8" left to protect as well

The strike plate on a door is weak too. Just three-eighths of an inch to break. This, in combination with the weakness in the door,
is where most break-in damage is done. And both are expensive to repair!

This is where the strike plate is installed with very short screws.   So you can see why it doesn't take much of a kick to break through your doorway

Here's what's left of the door jamb after a kick-in

This shows a strike plate kicked in. It was easy and entry was immediate.

Short screws  into very little wood , no wonder it's easy to kick-in!  See the side view of the door jamb (in white) in the picture to the right.

The door 'FRAME' is among the strongest components of the home

The door frame is the strongest part of your home structure. Multiple 2x4 or 2x6 lumber is used here. Very Strong! It is what we anchor the LineBacker Brackets to!

Hidden behind the drywall is the door frame. (The double  or triple 2 x 4s ).  It is this strength component that the LineBacker mounting brackets are attached to. The white board on the left in the circle is the door jamb. It is in this 3/4" board that your strike plate is mounted 

Here's why it works so well

See how The LineBacker is anchored to the interior door frame and why it's so strong.

The Cam/Handle clears the trim and secures the door tightly against the stops when closed and limits how much the door can be opened while saying secure.

Four 3 1/2" screws go through the mounting brackets into both sides of the door frame,(the two by fours inside the drywall)  just outside the trim, to anchor the LineBacker. It cannot be any stronger!.

When the cam/handle* is rotated, it squeezes the door tightly against it's stops .

The lock cam squeezes the door against its stops

Being squeezed against the door, It becomes unified to the door 'frame' and is now immovable. Since it cannot move, you are protecting not just the door but also the door jamb from damage.  *See the inside of the Cam/Handle in the photo gallery.

Slide & Rotate, the door can open. See who's there, accept mail, pet access, or ventilation.

The strong pin hinge allows the door to articulate and be safe from unwanted entry even when opened

Just rotate the handle, slide it aside, and a heavy duty pin hinge will allow the bar to articulate and still be anchored to the frame. No one can force the door open!

The Cam/Handle Slides to reveal a strong hinge

The ABS plastic cam handle is strongly gusseted inside and slides to reveal the hinge allowing the door to be opened and still be safe

Heavy duty steel Pin Hinge is exposed when the handle slides aside .* Go to Photo Gallery to see inside the Cam/Handle. 

Safety catch is reversible and slides into its channel

A quick release on the hinge side of the door will allow for emergency exit in the event of fire or any need to exit quickly.

The quick release safety catch is not reachable from the open side of the door.

A spring loaded catch secures the end of the bar

The closure stud is securely captured by the hinge side bracket.

Just swipe your hand across the release tab and the bar falls away in an emergency .

Not an alarm, nor a camera,.. but real Security

Alarms and cameras can notify and record... But they cannot protect!