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Frequently Asked Questions


Will it work when I leave home?

The LineBacker was designed to  SAVE LIVES!  Not necessarily property. It cannot be deployed nor subverted from outside.  It is a  device that will absolutely prevent unwanted entry,  designed so you and  your family can sleep well behind its protection.

What is a "SAFE ROOM"?

This is generally a room or place of safety. An escape from danger. The LineBacker, when placed on a door frame in which there is a solid core door can easily convert any room into a  "safe room "  (See Below)  *

Where is it recommended to be installed?

 On any entry door!  Including side doors or doors between the garage and the main living areas. 

Will it work on interior doors? *

 It will work across any door thirty six inches wide or smaller.  Remember, however, most interior doors are hollow, not solid and thus are not as strong as entry doors.

Is it easy to install?

 Absolutely,  Simply  pre-drill holes for bracket mounts, and install mounting screws. A power drill or driver is recommended to set mounting screws. Just follow simple directions for spacing  adjustments and  you're done. 

How strong Is it ?

 Utilizing three specialty metals and sonic welded ABS plastic, it is virtually indestructable.